Milestar launches Aggressive Patagonia A/T Pro All-Terrain Power Line with 63 Sizes 

GARDENA, CA – NOV 3, 2021 – MILESTAR, a leader of high value performance tires, is pleased to expand the Patagonia Family of light truck and SUV tires with the all-new A/T PRO. This aggressive all-terrain tire is specifically designed to conquer any terrain during any condition. It is 3PMS rated for severe snow making it ideal for inclement weather and heavy winter conditions. It is also engineered to maximize off road grip with a widened contact patch while improving off road traction and on-road comfort. 

The Patagonia A/T PRO’s rugged and rigged tread blocks are designed to grip the terrain providing sure-footed traction while angled tread notches provide increased void surface area for superior mud and winter traction. Staggered step-down grooves provide tread rigidity, enhancing stability and handling while protecting the groove from stone drilling. It has a class leading 19/32nd tread depth on LT metric sizes compared to many other brands. The A/T Pro also integrates Milestar’s advanced sidewall compound technology, MILETECH® for enhanced strength and impact protection. The Aggressive Upper Sidewall helps protect the tire from sharp rocks and provides additional sidewall-biting grip and off road traction.

The Patagonia A/T Pro is a power line that will launch with 63 popular OEM and high-flotation sizes, from 15” to 22” wheel diameters and up to F-Load Rating depending on the size. It is backed by a 55K Mile Limited Warranty and will be available in Q3 2022. The Patagonia A/T Pro is a great balance of an aggressive all-weather, all-terrain tire with the ultimate off road trail performance. 

“We are super excited about the Patagonia A/T Pro and its’ aggressive off road performance and broad size lineup”, stated Andrew Hoit, Tireco’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The Patagonia Family of light truck tires is seeing great momentum out in the marketplace and we want to continue to deliver strong LT products at an amazing value.” 

Popular Sizes Available: LT265/70R17, LT285/70R17, 35X12.5R17LT