Tire Damage


Tires are always exposed to the elements; they are the only parts on a vehicle that are in constant contact with the road and the hazards the road may be hiding. Inspecting for tire damage is an important maintenance procedure a person can perform in order to ensure their tires will last for many miles without major issues.

tire inspection guide- cracks on the sidewall, worn out tread and bulging

In addition to making sure the tires are properly inflated to the recommended tire air pressure, regular inspection of the tire’s sidewall and tread for bulges, cracking, cuts, foreign objects, snags, scrapes, irregular tread wear, and any other damage resulting from use is very important. It is advised that tires be inspected on a regular basis during a vehicle’s routine maintenance, such as an oil change, when checking the tire air pressure, or when the tires are being rotated.

closeup of cracks in the sidewall of a tire

Sidewall inspection is just as important as tread inspection, especially if a vehicle has not been operated for an extensive period. Sidewall cracking can occur from improper storage or long-term parking. If excessive cracking is detected, then the tire(s) should be removed from service.